IPLAS is the system for integration, analysis and visualization of data from the production lines available in the cloud. It reads the data from the OPC servers and processes them. The results are made available in the form of reports, indicators (OEE, OPE), maps and alarms.

Possibility of continuous monitoring of production by permanent access to knowledge developed based on the integrated data collected from the production line.

The data are stored and processed in the cloud, and for this reason the customer does not bear any costs associated with development of the IT infrastructure. It is possible to place the whole IPLAS system installation at the customer.

The price of access to the IPLAS system depends on...

IPLAS provides support for variety of data sources, from which the data can be transmitted to the system. It now supports the servers: OPC DA (COM, DCOM), OPC UA, database, WebServices, files: XML, Excel, CSV.

Management and monitoring of the data transmitting channels. Creation of the data processing reports in order to develop knowledge. Reporting the results in the form of: tables, charts, measuring units, reporting desktops, synoptic maps, alarms, trends. The authorisation and authentication system.

Constant availability through the cloud, flexibility, safety, adjustment to the needs of the customer, own ETL processes, developed possibilities of data integration and analysis. Advanced visualizations.

IPLAS assures safety of transmitting, processing and storing of the data using the latest encryption and certification mechanisms.

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